This is totally a new attempt  Just wanted to try it out, thought I’ll just write a few stanzas. Do let me know how it is!

Time Taken is Time Needed

There is a phase of life which leaves you clueless and doubtful! 

Does that mean you don’t welcome changes? 

Does that mean you have new tastes? 

Does that mean you are not the same person?


Having no clarity to clarify any of the above isn’t  a crime 

But at the same time its better if you don’t  get caught in the self-pity game

Changes do happen and they must happen

Responding to them is totally on you


When no one has anything against you

 And you still feel people do

 This is when you feel more confused 

And unable to tell people what you cannot express


But after you’re done with that you understand 

It’s alright to change 

Its alright to have new tastes

Although it’s not alright to change the person you are 

Its better that you make yourself understand that it’s alright to just be the same person with changes and new tastes!


It may happen immediately 

Even if it doesn’t give it the time needed

And when you do 

You’ll find out it was never that hard!

-GS Anirudh