THE celebrity worship in TN is primarily traced to the 1960s especially with the popularity of MG Ramachandran (MGR) and Sivaji Ganesan. Although there were superstars like MKT before him, this was the period when fan rivals started to become a trend. In the recent world, we still find celebrity worship to be strong with more rivalry against fans. There used to be competition between Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan now its Vijay and Ajith.IMG_2666

Vijay commonly known as Illaya Thalapathy has been in the Tamil industry for more than 25 years having more than 60 movies done. Vijay had started acting from his childhood days in his father’s films. People say it was easy for him to enter the industry with strong support as his dad was a director. However, his growth over the years has shown that a starting push is just not enough. The name, fans, and love he has earned for more than two decades now is purely because of hard work. His film releases are celebrated as festivals by his fans. Vijay in his initial stages was introduced as a soft spoken romantic hero. He later on reached the status of a mass commercial hero.

My Personal Favourites: –



Even though the film was a remake of a telugu film called “Okaddu”, the film had a phenomenal reception. Ghilli was one of the main reasons why Vijay had a got a huge fan base. Thirumalai was the movie in which Vijay had changed himself to play a mass commercial hero, which was received well by the audience. The release of ghilli further made him get the perfect image of a mass commercial hero. Ghilli would be an all-time favourite for the fans and might be your favourite even if you don’t like him. A simple plot with racy screenplay and great performances make the movie special. Prakash Raj has to be given a special mention for his performance also.


Priyamudan was the first film in which Vijay had played a negative role. It was one of the few films in which Vijay had shown variety by playing a different role. This film had come out when he was giving a string of successful romantic movies, which was new for the audiences. The film is about a person who is hyper-possessive in nature with negative shades and therefore, tries to achieve whatever he desires using any means. I don’t know why has never tried playing moor e roles like this hope he does in the future! If you haven’t seen this film give it a try!


A recent blockbuster for Vijay was Kaththi. The reason why Kaththi is my personal favourite in recent times was because of the characters Jeevanandham and Kathiresan. The Jeevanandham character showed he has a way better performer inside him especially during the villages scenes. In recent times that was a character which was a bit different.IMG_2670


A film which he redefined Vijay’s position in the industry was Pokkiri. Pokkiri was a remake of the telugu version. The highlight of this film was the way he had underplayed to role of rogue who is an undercover cop for a mission. The film has mass moments with powerful dialogues.Screenshot_20170621-102501 Pokkiri was an all in all commercial film which didn’t fail to entertain. The attitude and screen presence carried by Vijay is why it remains to be a permanent favourite to people.


This film portrayed Vijay in light-hearted way. He had played the character with such ease and showed that comedy is his natural game. The scenes between Vadivelu and Vijay are still a treat to watch. Also, to mention the famous ” Vadi vaddi” song the lyrics sung by Vijay was a huge hit.


A Vijay movie which was underrated was Thalaivaa. The film had a lot of problems to face for its release and eventually got postponed in Tamil Nadu and released everywhere else. The movie later on released after a week. We have seen Vijay play don like roles in his previous films, Thalaivaa shows a more mature and pensive character. The transformation from Vishwa being care free to realising his responsibility and becoming Vishwa Bhai was something intense and serious which usually doesn’t happen in a Vijay film. Thalaivaa is one of my all-time favourites of Vijay.IMG_2495


A film which was liked not only by his fans but also the general audience was Thuppaki. The film had a racy screenplay supported by Vijay’s powerhouse performance. The film had a famous interval block dialogue “IAM WAITING”. The movie was a huge commercial hit. It was Vijay’s first 100cr blockbuster.


Mersal was a nearly a one man show. It’s the first time where Vijay has played 3 characters and my personal favourite was the Madurai veeran “Vetri Maran”. I felt that this role showed Vijay’s acting potential which isn’t always seen, some scenes show that he is more than just a performer. Although I really hope that the Vijay-Atlee combo does get a break. Would like to see him work with other directors as well.36070053290_69ab13a4c5_b


Another film that helped Vijay’s fan base to expand was Thirupachi. The film was driven on strong commercial formula which was played to Vijay’s strength. The film was a huge success and went on the be remade in Telugu by Pawan Kalyan. The film was an out and out commercial film directed by Perasrsu. The success of Thirupachi made them to work on more film which was Sivakasi. This film again had all the essential elements to collect big at the box office.


Apart from these films Vijay has given a number of hits from movies like Kushi, Kadhalaku Mariyadhai, Thirumalai, Nanban, Kavalan, etc. Vijay has always been the best performers in the industry but he somehow seems to be caught in the commercial zone. Everyone knows he has the capacity to do more. The first thing is he should become more selective about the directors and scripts he chooses. It’s about time he starts to bring variety in the roles he starts to play and he surely will.

At last he might not be the best of actors, but certainly he is one of the best entertaining performers!Screenshot_20180622-073535