Mersal: Diwali is here and no Diwali is complete without a big star’s movie. This time for Diwali Mersal is out. The movie has gained a great amount of publicity due to the issues faced by the film prior to release. Apart from that there were grand promotions made by Sri Thenandal films being its 100th film. The film has a strong cast along with the AR Rahman scoring the music. At last, did the movie live up to the hype?

These are some common questions for which people would want answers when they want to know about the movie. At the end, we would conclude all the below answers into a “Simple Verdict.

Q.1) What is the story?

A: The story of the Mersal moves through the two main characters a sincere doctor who fights against corruption in the medical field and a magician who is out for a revenge. When both these characters come together, they get to know about their common past, which leads to a common motive. Mersal deals with this revenge tale and has taken up some important social issues, as well.

Q.2) How were the performances and what worked in the film?

A: It’s a one man show all the way. It’s the first time where Vijay has played 3 characters and my personal favourite was the Madurai veeran “Vetri Maran”. I felt that this role showed Vijay’s acting potential which isn’t always seen, some scenes show that he is more than just a performer. He dances without any great effort after a long time. Comparing his previous films, he looks more energised and active throughout the movie. SJ Suriya is the new talk of Kollywood he is turning out to be a baddie with swag, even though his character was not as powerful in the movie spyder he certainly creates an impact.  Revenge stories served with hero worship is nothing new to Kollywood at all, but what makes these movies successful is the way they are presented.

The supporting characters like Sathyaraj, Kovai Sarla, Satyan, Yogi Babu share minimum screen space, their roles are limited and have done a good job. Coming to the heroines its Nitya Menon who has bagged a good role,managing to hold some attention on screen. She had played the wife of Vetri Maran and scored well with her role. Kajal and Sammantha again have limited screen space more like cameo performances. Vadivelu has a good comeback role , the scenes with Vijay work well in the movie. Atlee could have handled the dialogues with more care as some lines had factual errors, but the way he presented with an engaging screen play which was the strength of the film. The story was inspired from Aboorva Sagotharargal, leading to many similarities. The debutant cinematographer G.K.Vishnu has done an excellent job in bringing the visuals on screen and the editor  Antony Ruben has done a neat job with the cuts .

Q.3) What didn’t work in the film?

A: Song placements seemed to be a problem in the film ,even though the songs were a visual treat especially Mersal Arsan and Allaporan Tamilzhan they seemed pointless.  The movie runtime turned out to be a slight disadvantage as the movies first 20- 30 minutes could have been trimmed and the film is predictable. The background scores for certain scenes just didn’t have a great impact , could have been better . Despite keeping the audience hooked for a major part of the  film, Atlee still makes you feel that certain scenes were seen somewhere else which creates a slight disconnect from the film but manages to score points with the second half of the film with a convincing flash back and a appealing climax talking about social issues  in which he exits with what he wanted to convey. The message was conveyed effectively.



Verdict: Mersal might feel similar at places but with a star who was used to his best and high production value, the film turns out to be a a good commercial entertainer to watch for this Diwali!