Production: Pixar Animation Studios , Walt Disney Pictures
Cast: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres
Direction: Andrew Stanton
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton
Story: Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, Victoria Strouse
Music: Thomas Newman  

Finding Dory: Finding nemo was another special movie which was made by Disney and Pixar, the film is still remembered and special to all. After 13 years Disney and Pixar have presented finding dory. Have they done all that was needed to make this also special?

The movie starts with the introduction of baby Dory who later gets separated, and searches the ocean until she forgets what she has been looking for. After which she meets Marlin and helps him find nemo.

The plot takes place after a year from which nemo is found. Hanging around with Marlin and nemo, Dory starts remembering some bits of her past and decides to set on a quest to search for answers about her past. Could she remember everything? Could she find her parents? To see if Dory could you’ll have to watch the movie.

There have been new charcters introduced in the movie  out of which Hanks who is an octopus with seven legs will be a new favourite.  The new charcters help in bringing out some laughter during the movie. However the story felt really similar to finding nemo. Ellen Degeneres certainly needs to be appreciated for the voice of dory she has done a great job. Pixar is just getting better with their animation, excellent visuals.

VERDICT:- Eventhough the story runs on the same lines as the first part, Dory and her friends have gone through an adventure which will be enjoyed by us. Finding dory is sure to give you some good old memories!