Directed :Maneesh Sharma

Starring :Shah Rukh Khan, Waluscha de Sousa, Sayani Gupta
Music Songs:Vishal–Shekhar
Background score:Andrea Guerra
Cinematography:Manu Anand
Edited :Namrata Rao
Production: Yash Raj Films

Fan: It’s been sometime since we have seen a challenging role played by King Khan. As soon as the teaser and trailer came out it gave us some sort of a different idea about the movie which raised the expectations. Did the movie live up to the expectations of the fans?

The story is about a famous super star Aryan Khanna(Shah Rukh Khan) who is admired, idolised and worshipped by his FAN Gaurav Channa(Shah Rukh Khan) who claims to be a junior to Aryan Khanna. The problem begins when the craze and obsession of Guarav over Aryan Khaana crosses the line.

The  movie starts with the introduction of Aryan Khanna, who is known to be a famous superstar in Bollywood who has millions of fans. Amongst the million number of fans there is a 25 year old boy called Guarav who is a DIE-HARD FAN of Aryan Khanna. Like any other fan his dream is to meet the superstar. A competition takes place in his colony and he wins a award for acting like his idol and also recives a cash prize.

Garuav later decides to dedicate this award to Aryan Khanna on his upcoming birthday and travels to Mumbai for this purpose. This is  where the movie gets started.  Was Guarav successful in dedicating his award to Arayan or does something else happen? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Speaking of  Performances:-

Sharuh Khan had played the role of Aryan Khana and Garuav.  The film was fully about Sharuh Khan vs Sharuh Khan. Although the Junior Aryan Khanna’s (Gaurav) performance outshines the performance of Super star(Aryan Khana). The performance as Gaurav was the major plus point of this film, and from the start SRK stole the show with this character.

However Fan did not maintain the same pace and effect in the second half which was felt in the first half. That was mainly because of the sketchy editing and long chase scenes  between both the khans , but the film picks up momentum again in the last 20 minutes. Dialogues were spot on.

Verdict:- Apart from  some minor drawbacks , FAN is a movie which would  keep you engaged throughout the film due to its different concept supported by the grand performance of King Khan. If you’re an SRK fan you will be a proud fan after watching this movie and even if you aren’t this movie will keep you interested.