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March 2016


KAPOOR AND SONS(since1921)   

Directed:Shakun Batra
Hiroo Yash Johar
Karan Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Shakun Batra
Ayesha Devitre Dhillon
Rishi Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor
Ratna Pathak
Sidharth Malhotra
Fawad Afzal Khan
Alia Bhatt

Kapoor and sons (Since 1921):The film is a family comedy drama. This film was popular amongst public due to the multiple star  cast. Did the film match up to its expectations? Did the Kapoor family give us a good time?


The story is about a family in which each of them have their own problems but still try to put a smile on their faces.

The movie starts with Dadu(Rishi Kapoor) suffering from a heart attack.  Hearing this Rahul(Fawad Khan) and Arjun(Sidarth Malhotra ) fly back to Connor to visit their Dadu. This is when the Kapoor family reunites but also realise the number of individual problems they have! Rahul is portrayed as the perfect child in the family as he has a control over his life on the other hand Arjun feels insecure about himself as his life still has no direction, this brings out a bad equation between these two. Adding to this Rahul and Arjun’s Mom Sunita(Ratna Patak) and Dad Harsh(Rajat Kapoor) fight frequently to save their marriage strings. Later we learn that Harsh is going through a financial crisis also.

As we come to know the various problems of each member of the Kapoor family, a new character called Tia(Alia Bhatt) is introduced. She first meets Rahul and then Arjun. She is easygoing in nature and whose romantic inclinations might further widen the rift between the brothers. Do all the problems get solved or are there some sacrifices made? Watch the movie to know!

Speaking of performances:
Rishi Kapoor has made us love his character. He has done a great job he is the kind of Dadu any grand kids would want, there are so many scenes were he makes us laugh and feel cool about him. Another show stealer was Fawad Khan his role of Rahul was played with perfection,and made us easily connect with the difficulties faced by his character. Ratna Patak had done a great job of playing the loving and caring mother. Siddarth Malhotra had done a neat job of his character he did justice to his role. Alia Bhat played the role of Tina with ease, even though she didn’t have many scenes her presence was felt.

Each character in the movie was given proper detail which made the movie have a strong base. Director Shakun Batra has done a good job of keeping the movie intact with the story and not building upon excess drama.




Directed by Manivanan

Cast: Jai, Surabhi, RJ Balaji, Karunas

Pugazh: Pugazh is a movie which comes under the political thriller category. People said the film is based on a true event that has happened in Walajapet(Vellore district). Did the film prove to be interesting?

The story is about a playground that is used for various sport activities which has always been special to the town people. Later a politician decides to sell this playground and people start opposing this act.

The movie starts with the Pugazh(Jai) attacked by a gang of people, after which the movie gets into a flashback. Pugazh is a young, responsible bold lad who is very famous in his neighbourhood and is always surrounded by his gang of close friends. Being a very responsible man Pugazh always gets into trouble by fighting with the local dons.  During one of those fights we are introduced to a politician called Das. Das however decides to use Pugazh as contestant for the upcoming elections, but he refuses. That is when Das decides to make Pugwash’s friend Venkat stand for the same post. This helps in bridging the gap between Das and Pugazh by working together for the victory of Venkat.

After winning the elections Das shows his true colour and decides to sell the local playground to a minster and an Andhra business man. Will Das’s plan be successful? You’ll have to watch the movie to know!

Speaking of performances: –

Jai has done a good job of playing this character. He was one of the plus factors in the film. RJ Balaji didn’t have many lines, but with the few lines he had he manged to make us laugh. Karunas had played the role of Pugazhs brother and had done a neat job. Surabhi played the love interest of Pugazh, she did not have such a powerful role in this movie
Director Manivanan should have focused more on the screenplay, the story line was interesting but the movie wasn’t fast and felt dull in some scenes. There weren’t many songs in the movie. The background music scored by Solomon and Siva was impressive.


Verdict- A movie which could have been a perfect political thriller, but turns out to be a film which should have been treated better. However, the plot being interesting makes it an above average flick.


This is totally a new attempt. Just wanted to try it out. It’s not related to any movie review.


We always had good times,
Or was it just me who thought so
We both laughed during fun times,
Or was I being laughed at those times

Some questions arise regarding you,
But I had only one answer for all
We both had the only answer I thought
Or was it just me who thought so

Love and faith were common to both I thought,
But fortunately that’s where I got caught
I thought we had a common line,
But that’s when I realised it was only a single line

Does it hurt?
Yes it does but not always
Is there pain?
Yes there is but not always

Is there something wrong with me
Because I would never blame you
And that could be
Because I loved you.

But life must go on
And so should you.



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