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February 2016



Cast: Atharva, Catherine Tresa, Tarun Arora

Direction: TN Santhosh
Screenplay: TN Santhosh
Story: TN Santhosh
Music: Drums Sivamani
Background score: Drums Sivamani
Production: Kalaipuli S Thanu

Kanithan comes under the action thriller category.  The film had gained more popularity after its trailer had released.Director T.N Santhosh who had worked as AR Murgadoss ‘s assistant also added hype to the movie.  Did the movie live up to the hype created?

The story  is about a television reporter who tries to bring down a fake document criminal gang. The plot is interesting because it revolves around fake certificate printing. The movie starts with Gautham(Atharva)  being arrested by cops making use of a fake certificate (which was not made by him) to get a TV reporter job. Just like the other innocent people who were arrested  he tries to justifies he has not done anything wrong.

Gautham is later given bail. That is when he decides to prove himself innocent by tracking down the whole network which is responsible for this act.  He starts his investigation with the help of his friends who work like a team, and uses his media influence. Was Gautham successful in tracking the group you’ll have to see the movie to find that out!


Speaking of performances:-

Atharva has done a neat job of playing his role. He had done justice to the role of playing a reporter. K bhagayaraj, Karunakaran and Sunder Ramu had important roles to play in the story which was played well by all three especially Karunakaran. Catherine Tersa (Anu) played the love interest of  Gautham, she did not have such a powerful role in this movie. The villain Tarun Arora was a perfect choice for his role. He played the stylish and classy villain which was just needed for this type of a film.

For a debut director T.N Santhosh has done a neat job of taking this commercial thriller. Although there were a lot of scenes which were  similar to Vijay and ARM’s Thuppaki, especially the investigation and action sequences. The screenplay was also really similar to Thuppaki. Music scored by Sivamani could have been better songs were below a average and the background score could have been more classy. Placement of songs were the major disadvantage of this film.


VERDICT:-  A film which has a fresh and interesting plot could have been a well made commercial film if it weren’t for the bad song timings.  Leaving that aside Kanithan is a type of an action thriller movie  you’ll enjoy and watch.







Created by :Melissa Rosenberg

Starring: Krysten Ritter
Mike Colter
Rachael Taylor
Wil Traval
Erin Moriarty
Eka Darville
Carrie-Anne Moss
David Tennant

Composer(s): Sean Callery

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes:13

Cinematography:Manuel Billeter[4]
Running time:46–55 minutes
Original release:November 20, 2015


I’m sure  many of us wouldn’t have known that a Marvel character called “Jessica Jones” existed, if it wasn’t for this Netflix show. This show is different as it focuses more on the dark side of a superhero.  With the recent success of Netflix’s daredevil could Jessica Jones leave an impact for the audience?


The story starts with Jones no longer being a superhero, she is introduced to us as a personal investigator. She is a person who is haunted by her past that now forgoes her present. Jones’s past is slowly revealed when she gets tied into a missing persons case that is directly linked to her own past. Jones’s  past conists of numerous events that are linked to various events happening for her at present, that’s when we are introduced Kilgrave. Kilgrave is one hell of a villain. His superpower is the ability to control others minds.His power might not sound so dynamic for a superpower,but the horror of Kilgrave’s powers is that the destruction is intimate. Villains are usually given personal reasons for their actions, but in the case of Kilgrave his ambition  is simple-he wants Jessica Jones to be under his control and to love him. He can bend anyone to his will with just his voice, except for her. He’s a man used to getting everything he’s ever wanted, and thats how the story is formed. (There are a number of supporting characters in the series all of them somehow have an important role to play).


Speaking of performances:-

Kilgrave  played by David Tennant, is by far the most terrifying and well-crafted villain. David Tennant has done a brilliant  job of playing this character.Kilgrave was such a cruel and intense character and his performance was exactly as he would imagine him to be, he was one of the reasons why this show was different. Now comes Jessica Jones played by Krysten Ritter, she is a not a kind of superhero we are used to seeing. Her charcter was totally different. Krysten Ritter had played the charcter of Jessica brilliantly she made sure she gave her best for this charcter. As I mentioned there were a number of supporting characters like Trish,Simpson,Luke,Jeri who had equal importance in the story especially Trish. All of them had done a really good job. If I had to talk about each and every charcter it would take a lot of time and also will end up in giving you spoilers. One of the main reasons why this is show is successful is because of the actors each one of them have done a superb job which brings more life and energy to the show. Hats off to the creater Melissa Rosenberg!


VERDICT:- The Netflix-Marvel show “Jessica Jones” should be watched immediately, it’s a great start to a series you would not want to miss. The charcters involved make this show really interesting. The story of Jessica Jones and Kilgrave would certainly be found interesting by anyone!







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