imageimageDirected:-Sudha Kongara
Produced :-S. Sashikanth, C.V Kumar(Tamil)
Music by Santhosh Narayanan
Starring:-R. Madhavan, Ritika Singh, Nasser, Mumtaz
Irudhi Suttru: This movie is a sports drama film which has released in Hindi and Tamil. It’s an expected film amongst Kollywood as they wanted to see Madhavan(aka Maddy) who used to be a chocolate boy now play the role of a rough and tough guy. Was the transformation successful? Did the movie have everything right to give a knockout performance?


The movie starts with the introduction of coach Prabhu(Maddy) who trains women for boxing in Sikar . He is claimed to be the best boxer in India. However he is very arrogant and has an attitude which is not liked by all. Due to this he faces some problems with the association members and gets transferred to Chennai. This when Prabhu challenges his higher authorities that he will train and make a boxing champion from Chennai.

After he reaches Chennai he meets a local fisherwoman called Madi(Ritika Singh) who is really arrogant. Madi has  a sister called Lux(Mumtaz) who already knows boxing and wants to become a professional one so that she can get a government job. However Prabhu realises that Lux doesn’t have the spark and attitude which is needed for boxing but notices that Madi has it. He decides to train her and make her a champion. Madi declined to learn boxing from coach Prabhu  initially and later accepts because she would  gettpaid by coach Prabhu for each training session she would attend.

Did everything happen as per the plans of coach Prabhu? Did Madi do what her coach wanted her to do? You will have to watch the film to know what happens. The plot revolves around the emotional journey of coach Prabhu and his student Madi.


Speaking of performances :-

It was fresh to see Maddy in a totally different avatar with beep dialogues(local slang). He was all rough and tough he had bulked his body to be apt for the role which had suited him perfectly. His acting was really good with strong expressions, the transformation from a “chocolate boy” to a coach was  done with perfection. Ritika Singh being a real life martial arts expert had played this role with ease and had delivered a  spot on performance especially when acted as a fisherwoman. It was her debut film and did a clean job with her acting. Her character was loved by the audience. The supporting cast such as Nasser, Mumtaz etc had all done a good job of playing their parts.

The direction was pretty strong, cinematography was really good. The cast which had been selected for this movie was a major plus. The background scores really helped in giving more energy to the boxing scenes especially the climax. Songs weren’t such a drawback in this film. They were put in the right places.The first thirty minutes of the film could have been paced a little better.


VERDICT:-If you’ve been waiting for this film trust me you will not be disappointed. The performances also make it another reason to watch this film. The team of irudhi Suttru has done all it takes to make sure you enjoy this film.